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This Is What Community Looks Like…

Posted by justicetabernacle on December 16, 2008

want to see what community looks like?
want to see all that it can do, for a neighborhood, city, world?

our community oriented house hosted a small christmas market in our front yard yesterday. we invited the whole block and had hot cider, pie, cookie decorating, make your own christmas card station, and more. we invited the entire block- the point was to celebrate christmas with our neighbors, and create a time and space for people to come together and meet. it’s hard to move to a new neighborhood, especially as a minority in city that still struggles with historic racial tension.

but when you open up your home- and you serve- and you exude love- good things happen, and some of that garbage and evil begins to lose it’s grip on society.

the most beautiful picture that i witnessed during our time yesterday was when a few beat police officers came up for a hot cup of cider and stood next to a few passerby-men that we called up from the sidewalk. any other time that these two parties would have passed one another, there would have been looks of contempt and suspicion from both sides- but here, in this space at this moment, they were able to stand together, with a few barriers broken down.

that! is the hope for the future- that is the gospel incarnate.
i wish i had a picture from that moment, but i wasn’t able to capture it- we did take a bunch of other pics though- here are a few of those beautiful moments and faces:







3 Responses to “This Is What Community Looks Like…”

  1. John– you are awesome.

  2. M Nieto said

    Aww that is really nice. It’s good to see neighbors living up to the true meaning of the word. 🙂 Merry Christmas

  3. Regena Sawyer said

    You have a real heart for ministry, John. Thanks for helping break down barriers.

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