In the chaos of faith, rebellion and obedience

Back in the District

Posted by justicetabernacle on June 9, 2009

so i have been mia a little of late. i was not able to blog from the conference (partially because i enjoyed being offline for a few days)
if you want to read some reviews of the conference, check out my counterpart ‘will johnston’s blog.’ he is a blog master… he said he’ll have them up tomorrow.

the conference was amazing though. not for conference sake, but i did feel like the Lord had a purpose for me, and for the rest of the guys who were there. not only were the teaching sessions very meaningful, but the time spent with the group of guys was invaluable. we had a house to stay in while we were there, and this allowed for a lot of great late nite discussions about what we heard- of course it ended up meandering into deep theological debates, which is always good for the soul.

all in all, i found a great appreciation for the other men on the trip. it is always good to get out of your routine with some new people and focus on the reality of your life and soul. sometimes those things go hidden in the chaos of the day.

i’m sure as i hash through my notes again and revisit some of the sessions, i will have more thoughts to post here. and of course, if you want to check out the teaching yourself, they have posted all of the audio of the main sessions here! what a generous blessing…



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