In the chaos of faith, rebellion and obedience

Local Life

Posted by justicetabernacle on June 15, 2009

i recently found a cozy home in a local establishment in my neighborhood. it is an interesting place that feels like home. there is something unique about becoming a regular somewhere- and it is amazing the kind of community that you can build in a very short time. over the past few weeks i have met everyone from police officers to street hustlers. no matter what though, you discover that if you have an ear to listen, you can find out a lot about people. and i think this is a critical place for disciples to be.

this is really the basis of our new small group initiative this summer. to get people out of their inner circles and engage their neighborhoods. there is no doubt an instrumental place for strengthening the inner core with other believers- but at the end of the day, we need to be out, as incarnate voices of hope in all areas of life… it’s a sad day when christians are either seen as inward, circles, impenetrable by outsiders… or voicing their disgust about the culture. neither are models that Jesus displayed. how did we get there? it’s time to reverse this trend.




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