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Why DC is Lame

Posted by justicetabernacle on July 17, 2009

there are plenty of lame things about this city- and most of them have to do with the fact that there are so many people who take themselves way too seriously.
yesterday evening i encountered one of those moments.

i got a great deal on some fantastic seats for the cubs/nats game and was about 20 rows up from the cubs dugout.  during one of the inning breaks, while my friend went to get some refreshments, i moved down to about the 10th row.  let me tell you, it is sure something, getting to watch baseball that close up.  it’s been a while.  so naturally, i was pretty excited, and began to cheer for some of the cubs players.

then after about my 3rd or 4th motivational shout- this guy in front of me turns around and asks if i was sitting in a seat that was mine.  i replied that it was for the moment and that i had moved down for a half an inning.  (note there were a ton of wide open seats)  he then said, “well, i want you to have a good time- but i don’t want to hear you yelling in my ear.”  he then proceded on with his ‘business’ which included some kind of work talk about some business in florida…  lame.

i had several thoughts run through my head.  first of all, what a disgrace to the game of baseball-  it really made me mad, that this guy- a likely season ticket holder, was so disinterested in the game (it is the nats i suppose).  it made me think that this was exactly what had gone wrong with sports these days.  those in the good seats are not the truest of fans- and there would be a bunch of crazy kids who would die to be able to sit that close.
what a shame.

ok, rant over  🙂
cubbies won 6-2.



One Response to “Why DC is Lame”

  1. Mike E said

    Right on, John!! Well said.

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