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Vocational Twilight Zone

Posted by justicetabernacle on June 25, 2010

it’s been an interesting week adjusting back to life in dc.  hard to believe a week ago i was playing with african children in uganda, building a structure by hand, and leading 12 nccers on a trip of a lifetime.

back on the home front however, things keep rolling along and ncc is busier than ever.  there are a lot of exciting things going on and definitely a lot to plan and prepare for over the next month.  july is going to be an interesting time- between travel home and preparing for my 3 month transition phase out of team d and fully engaging in my role as the leader of our initiative in berlin, there is going to be a lot of change in my life and rhythm.

in the meantime, i’m hoping to continue to adjust to life and time zone this weekend- and then head off to pray and play to spend quality time with my co-workers- all of whom are really family.  it will be a great way to begin to transition out of the role that i have been in over the past three years and begin new adventures.

i’m grateful for the opportunities i have had thus far and know that the Lord has me on an amazing new course ahead.



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I Love Addis

Posted by justicetabernacle on June 20, 2010

we just arrived in addis ababa- the team is doing well, not that any of us are looking forward to a long journey through rome back to dc- but we are killing some time at bole airport-  was really wishing i could hop out of here and spend a bit more time in addis.  actually, i could totally spend another week here with my friends, just relaxing after the trip.

but, we must journey on- i am certain however, that i will be back in this place soon again.  it totally has captured my heart.  so even if it’s just a quick airport stop and a amazing cup of ‘buna’ i’m ecstatic!

as for now, off we go- journeying back toward the u.s.


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Posted by justicetabernacle on June 19, 2010

today is the conclusion of a near two week adventure on the african continent.  since it 1:30 am and we have been up since 4:30 am yesterday, i don’t have a lot of margin of time or energy to write a lot or elaborate on the trip- but since i was finally online for a brief, peaceful,  moment, i wanted to sieze the opportunity to give an update from this side of the atlantic.

on june 9th, i began my journey to africa- starting with a quick two day visit with some friends in addis ababa, ethiopia.  this was my third time to addis in four years, and it was really great to reconnect there. 

on saturday a week ago, i then met with the rest of the team from ncc to start our work with watoto ministries.  we spent a few days in kampala and then ventured up to gulu.  there are few words to describe the experiences we had.  the primary purpose of the trip was to build a classroom (which we did) but beyond that, we got to experience a lot of other aspects of watoto, as well as learn about and pray for the country of uganda.

our team was an intersting mix of dynamic people, which made the trip challenging at times, but absolutely amazing in so many moments.  i really love this bunch in a special way.  each individual had a unique experience, but we also shared very much corporately as well.  God certainly did a great work here in uganda- but also in the members of our team.  we had a lot of really great spiritual breakthroughs and we did a lot of praying together.

i plan on writing and processing much more about our time here once i get back to the u.s.  we head out tomorrow bound for dc.  there are plenty of stories to tell.

in the meantime, God is good- and He is alive and at work here in uganda- redeeming a place that has experienced much darkness-  His light is bright though, and there is a lot of new hope to be found here.


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With Everything

Posted by justicetabernacle on June 9, 2010

life is hard sometimes-
it is a combination of tasks, emotions, relationships, communication-
there is gain and loss.

in it all, sometimes we find our way back to the creator of it all.
and in the times of life where we neglect that access, which is provided alone by Christ, we struggle and push through in futile efforts-  sometimes scrapping up success- but ultimately failing to find fulfillment.

but when we finally break- and get a crack into reality- giving up the delusion of ultimate self importance- and humbly return to the source of life, with everything- we receive everything.

we are about His glory- for His glory-
when our hearts and souls begin to understand this… it changes all things.
and though, the struggle, the ‘kampf’ continues- it is not without confidence, the kind that is not of our own…
which in the end, leads to the start- where it was all perfect.


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Posted by justicetabernacle on June 8, 2010

it’s been a crazy season of travel lately.  i literally feel like i have been running from one thing to the next over the past 3 weeks.  this has left me totally absent from the blog world.  the time has not been without thoughts, struggles, challenges- but also blessing and joy.  basically all the things that make up life.

all of the flying around is fun in a way, and has allowed for a lot of good experiences.  it also however, keeps you from being settled and taking care of all of the little in and out things of life.

those things will have to wait though, as i depart tomorrow for africa.  i will travel with a team of ncc-ers to uganda- first kampala then up to gulu- to work with watoto ministries. we will be doing a classroom building project.  i’m thrilled to be able to work with watoto, an organization that we have built a long-standing relationship.  this will be ncc’s 3rd trip to uganda, and i am really proud to be helping perpetuate a committed partnership with them.  i am not against short-term missions trip across the board, but i believe they are far more meaningful and significant when they are part of a longer term connection that gets fostered over several years.

i will try to update with some pics if i get internet access while i’m there-  either way it will be good to be on a trip that gets down and dirty-  and it will be fun to be able to build something physical and tangible.  my prayer is that through our service we will all learn something about ourselves and about God.


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