In the chaos of faith, rebellion and obedience


Posted by justicetabernacle on July 13, 2010

it’s funny- i opened up a ‘new post’ window last week and entitled it ‘reinvigorated.’  that was supposed to be descriptive of my state of mind and heart and motivation that day- then i never actually wrote anything.  how ironic.

but it’s a new week and i feel like i am getting some of that flow back.  last week was pretty tasking and emotional as i thought and prayed through a lot of different things that are happening in my life simultaneously.  in general, there are just a lot of transitional things happening- from travel, to new responsibilities- from embracing new experiences to bidding adieu to some old ones.

the next couple of months are going to fly by as i look to berlin on the horizon.  the good thing is that i feel great about how the next couple of months are shaping up in regard to work responsibilities and schedule.  i am going to stay connected to some things here on the ncc/dc front, all the while working with our partner in the berlin initiative, who is currently stateside.  we are mapping out a plan that is going to utilize the things that i can gain and prep from being around ncc, but also getting on the road to pitch the vision to other churches, potential partners and supporters.

all of this is being put into place so that i am as prepared as possible to leave at the end of october.  that we have utilized all of the benefit of being able to build a foundation here in the u.s. as well as focus on some initial scheming for the initial time that i will be living and working in berlin.  this project is all God all the way- all the networks, convergences, and divine appointments that have lined up to get it to this point are amazing.  i do not think that is going to cease any time soon.  so we are just trying to be open and stay out of the way- all the while working our tail off to be in a position to utilize the things that God is preparing.

part of my re-invigoration is wrapped up in the plan that is unfolding before my eyes- bringing to conclusion some of my current jobs, tasks and responsibilities and taking on the new things- reading, learning, studying, observing- and ultimately hoping to be prepared to venture out, back to europe.



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