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I’m Going Through Changes

Posted by justicetabernacle on August 28, 2010

off i go- my travel season really bursts into full flux now. right now i’m en route to sacramento, ca- i will meet up with mike to spend a few days there pitching the project and meeting with church leaders to find out ways they can get involved in berlin. this is going to be an exciting time, and one that is going to continue to prepare me for the time and challenge to come. it is certainly a time that is helping me realize the finality of my time in my position and life in dc.

earlier today i packed up my room, a place that i lived for 2 years. it was part of a house, and intentional community, that saw a lot of different phases and people. it was a wonderful learning experience for me, and showed me a lot about what it means to live in community and as a good neighbor.

it has certainly been a pretty crazy week. from returning on last saturday nite, helping facilitate week of justice, packing/moving and then taking off today- i was truly stretched in a lot of ways. unfortunately my un-sanctified nature got the best of me several times and i let out my frustration on several people that i love. this is definitely something that I am not proud of, and it is a good reminder of the areas that I need to continue to grow in my likeness to Christ.

so, as i fly across the country today, i am reflective- contemplative. i am also hammering out some reading for my missionary prep online course. in one the readings, stephen r. covey writes something that is challenging and inspiring me. i’ll leave you with it here. perhaps it will spark a thought of two:

“I will not be governed by the efficiency of the clock; I will be governed by my conscience. Because my conscience deals with the totality of my life. And since it is well educated from study and from experience, it will help me make wise decisions.”

all you need to do is add in the fact that the Holy Spirit inspires and invigorates our conscience, leading us to make righteous decisions, and you have a recipe for a very God-honoring life, that brings light and life to those around you.



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Zechariah 1-3

Posted by justicetabernacle on August 23, 2010

today i blogged on fromgardentocity.com out of zechariah 1-3.
i’ve been extremely busy with travel, and the last post i had on here was the last time i had to blog for this website.

but i’m hoping to catch up soon on some of the travel and prep that i have done in the past month as i come closer to the departure date for berlin. it’s crazy to think how fast the time has gone, but i am trying to keep everything in perspective and know and trust that God has laid out the plan for me, along with the provision.

a few things happening this week that are exciting-
-week of justice is starting off tonite. we have five great events and topics this year. i’m excited to get some ncc-ers aware of what’s happening around the world.
-my friend anna from ethiopia is in town. always fun to have her here. dc has become a regular stop for her on her u.s. trips home. i’m glad for that.
-keeping with the ethiopian theme, pastor zeb from beza church in ethiopia is here. he preached a great message yesterday and i had the chance to sit down and chat with him for a while. he is a great leader and someone from whom i always learn something.


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Ezekiel and Idols

Posted by justicetabernacle on August 10, 2010

today i blogged for our fromgardentocity bible reading plan.
we are in ezekiel, which is just an absurd, but awesome book of the old testaments. i absolutely love the prophets, as they speak the hard truths and help us see and understand who God is and what His intention is in the things that He calls His people to do and to be.

check out my post at fromgardentocity.com/blog


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Posted by justicetabernacle on August 2, 2010

i subbed in to post on the fromgardentocity blog for our bible reading plan today.  the chapters were nehemiah 3-5.
i am still in awe of this part of the story in chapter 5- and the way that nehemiah led and handled the situation.  his generosity and example of humility is something that will impact me for some time.

the story also came in perfect for my online course as well, since i was supposed to look through scripture and find some passages on living simply-  this was the ideal fit, as it was something new, rather than the same verses i use all the time when talking about poverty, justice and living a simple life in the Kingdom of God. it was exciting to have a new revelation from the Lord on this topic.

check out my post for further reflections-


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