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Christ in the Middle of it All

Posted by justicetabernacle on May 10, 2011

it’s been a few weeks of moving into my new apartment and something about starting anew in a place like that just seems to suck away your time.  not to mention not having good internet connections, etc.  my lack of writing has been the result, though it is not descriptive of a lack of thought.  i have had more theological pondering in the last 2 weeks than i have had in some time.

most of it has been a result of me helping think through themes and attributes of God for the upcoming ‘God anthology’ series at ncc.  we have been very meticulous about how the songs for the series are being composed- being sure that we are ‘saying’ and ‘teaching’ the right things.  it has been a fun process and challenging for all involved.  in the end the project is going to be a fun composition- the product of many God-inspired voices, and the amazing musical talent of our team.

in it all though- especially the themes that i have been thinking through most- the centrality of Christ has been unavoidable.  and not that this is any real surprise, but in a way, i feel like i rediscovered something about His centrality, that perhaps had been weakened.  in that rediscovery, the most important part of the ‘centrality of Christ’ was the consistent revelation that Christ, the way we think about Him, must go beyond our picture of Jesus on the earth.  while the time of His incarnation was vital- and it is the part that we can perhaps most closely relate to, as He was here as God in the same form, that is human, as us… however, if we only focus on His life on earth and miss his transcendence, in that He was present at the creation of the universe and will be present at the time when all things are recreated in the end- then we miss the complete truth of God.

aside from helping with the theology of the songs- i also had a chance to talk to our ncc greece missions team about orthodoxy.  the great part about the orthodox church is this very point- the centrality of Christ- and specifically the ‘resurrection.’  in searching out the ‘mysteries’ of God, the journey and discovery always begins and ends with Christ.  nothing can be known without Him- and the things that we end up knowing, are Him.  He provokes our curiosity to seek Him, and in the end, the thing that we find, is Him.

in the vein, i will close this post with a quote i came across yesterday.  i love this… it is from-

Mother Maria of Normanby:
“Truth for us is not a system of thought. Truth is not created. Truth is. Christ is the truth. Truth is a person. Truth is not limited within our appreciation of it. Truth transcends us; we can never come to the full comprehension of Truth. The search for Truth is the search for the person of Christ… Truth is the Mystery of the person of Christ; and, because it is a person, the Mystery is inseparably linked with the event; the event of the encounter. Mystery and event are one… The Mystery, for the Orthodox mind, is precise and austere reality. It is Christ, and it is to meet Christ.”



One Response to “Christ in the Middle of it All”

  1. Utapia said

    Joh 1.1. goes: Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος. That word for beginning is also used for the beginning, when God created heaven and earth. It is a word which is very important in ancient Greek philosophy and with Aristotle. John was written into a Greek context just like Jesus life was lived in a Jewish one. It means all that: it is a beginning, into which the entire story is enrolled. With that message I was lead to faith!

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