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Seeing Double

Posted by justicetabernacle on August 30, 2011

oops- i think i forgot to write for a while ¬†ūüôā
i usually slack on writing in the summer- but my hope is to start posting again- ¬†here’s a start.

i’ve been really trying hard these days to get back into a normal bible reading routine- ¬†something more consistent and regimented.
the last two mornings i feel like the Lord has spoken one very clear message- and is one about faith, and the promises fulfilled through the work of Christ’s death and resurrection.

yesterday i was led to galatians 3
and then today ephesians 2

in both of these, paul is deconstructing the world as people were seeing it- divided, with artificial lines drawn-  the who is in because of this and who is out because of that.  in it, he is saying, in the Kingdom of God, in His great house and temple- all are welcome to come in.  that His work through the sacrifice and raising of Christ was a work to bring unity and peace among all people.  in Christ there is a power- a rebirth- a re-creation of the world.

this is mysterious, but clear- an interesting tension for those people then, and still for us today. ¬†the Gospel is something that is very simple, yet intensely complex. ¬†it is simple, in that it shows that God is in control and has a plan- yet it is complex because it counteracts all of the natural yearnings inside our hearts- the desires of our bodies and minds. ¬†it is complex because it causes us to let go of the things we hold so tightly- the things that are rooted in selfishness and greed. ¬†it is the laying down of our possessions and our ‘pre-concieved’ notions. ¬†it is the re-posturing of our intentions, one that is others focused, and ultimately God-focused.

that is why i believe paul writes about faith.  it is why God used an example of abraham to set the tone for what it would mean to embody faith.  the law, would subsequently, always be there to merely expose our depravity.

if we never understand our wayward journey, it will be difficult to celebrate the good news of redemption- without a confrontation of our own fallen being, the good news is laughable, or as the bible says: foolish.

if this is the case- how do we make the good news again about redemption, peace and reconciliation?
if our culture today longs for these kinds of ideas- the body of Christ has a great task of linking them together.
that is our great cause in our mission.

we must allow for people to see the true Gospel- and then decide if it is foolish, or something in which to put their whole lives into.
the Gospel calls people to truly expose their intentions and true hearts- do they really love peace? ¬†do they really aspire to overturn injustice? ¬†do they really want to live humble, simple lives? ¬†if so, the Gospel is truly an amazing revelation to their hearts’ desire: which leads to faith- ¬†if however, these aspirations are laden with selfishness and self-righteousness, then in the end, they will be exposed, and the Gospel of the risen Christ will indeed, remain foolishness.

let’s get to it and see…



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