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Fake Faith

Posted by justicetabernacle on October 7, 2011

ok, maybe fake faith is a bit harsh- but sometimes we really need to dig deep and ask ourselves what it is that we really believe.  this is the first year in five years that i have not been able to attend the catalyst conference in atlanta-  though there are plenty of things i ‘don’t’ miss about catalyst- i do miss the 3 or 4 really butt-kicking messages that i heard there every year.  thanks however to will johnston, i can read the summary notes of the sessions.  the kid has freakish note-taking gift- and i’m for the first time truly grateful for it.

he posted the notes from pastor judah smith’s session on Jesus being sufficient, and the core and fulfillment of everything we need.  that we need not compare ourselves to anyone else- or even to ourselves- but that we just need to rest in the reality that Jesus is the full revelation of God and is enough for human kind to overcome the world and all things in it.  but what does that mean?  do we really buy it?  as christians, a lot of time i think we get fired up about the idea of salvation- or new life- all good things… but do we think Jesus is enough?  do we think He knows what is best?  i know for me, at times i have used Jesus as a kind of ‘personal consultant.’  you know, someone  you just run things by-  like a good golf caddy- you discuss the club to use, ask how the wind is blowing, etc, but in the end you are in control.

in the notes from judah smith’s session he mentioned something about how he had to come to realize the fact that Jesus cared more for things like his city, etc.  and i have to say that i too had a similar revelation.  some years back, i was very frustrated about the way people were (or were not) responding to pressing issues of poverty and social justice in the church.  though i felt like i was not ‘judging’ them, there was a level of comparison that was happening.  and i remember saying to Jesus- what’s up?  only for Him to respond to me the following:  ‘do you think that you care about these issues more than I do?’  then He said: ‘you worry about loving me and being faithful with the things that i have revealed to you and you are passionate about.’

and that was a huge monumental shift in my thinking.  no longer was it about who cared more or less- it was about the fact that Jesus cares more than anyone ever could- and the important thing was to follow Him and be faithful to the things He was revealing to my spirit… and if i went alone on the journey or 100 people joined me, it did not matter, as long as i was being obedient.  this is a very important place to arrive in our faith.  because it is really the tangible expression of faith at all.



One Response to “Fake Faith”

  1. Will Johnston said

    Now you can see how behind I am in Google Reader :0)

    Seriously, really good post.

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